Intellectual Property and ICT

Quite often enterprises don’t have a clue about copyrights, brand and version rights, design rights, database and trademark rights, inventions and patents, etcetera that are in their possession. MenD will show you the ropes in this area, also how you can benefit from these rights. MenD will also show you how to protect these rights against anyone who might try to infringe upon them. Companies are also confronted with allegations from parties who claim that their copyrights, brand/version and/or design rights, databank and trademark rights, inventions and patents are infringed upon. These allegations are not always correct or justified. MenD is there to assess this for you.


In cases of alleged infringement of rights, whether online or offline, you can be sure to get support from MenD. For MenD, finding a solution is not limited to litigation.

Advertisements and media issues

Does your Internet site comply with all legal requirements? Misleading advertisements, improperly comparable advertisements, dishonest trading actions, disputes about domain names and media issues, such as unsolicited use of photos and misinterpretations are familiar fields for MenD.

Privacy and automation

Every company has personal data, but what is a company permitted to do with it? Software usually has a crucial role in automation and the software usually has copyrights. How do you deal with a license that you acquire or grant? Experience shows us that an assignment to build a computer program is a complex agreement for both principal and contractor. MenD can draft a sound agreement for you in these matters.

Licenses and distribution

A company that has the copyrights to brands, versions, designs, databank, trade names, inventions or patents, etcetera, naturally wants to exploit these rights. What is the best way to do so? Via agents, dealers or franchisers? Which licenses can be granted to third parties? How and via which parties is the distribution of these copyrights-based products or services handled in the Netherlands or abroad? Often, competition also plays a role in this. MenD can advise and assist you with this.


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Intellectual Property and ICT


Intellectual Property and ICT
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