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Your company

As an entrepreneur you may need legal assistance from time to time. MenD can offer you this service. You may be aware that answers to legal issues are not the only decisive factors when it comes to your business. And that such issues do not necessarily coordinate with your business plans. MenD knows that as well and more so than many other firms. When it comes to solving business issues, the legal approach is just one of many paths. You can count on MenD for mapping out all the possible approaches and solutions – together with you as the entrepreneur – to consider what your best options are. MenD offers more than a purely juridical approach.

Solutions and an acceptable result

Every entrepreneur will run into differences of opinion with other parties along the way. MenD is not afraid to litigate, if you feel that you would be best served by this. Yet a successful day in court does not mean that you have achieved an acceptable or economic gain. The interest of your company is at times better served through a reasonable settlement, whether via a mediator or otherwise .You can rest assured that MenD recognises this point.

Other, more creative solutions are possible, more often than you think. The fact is that, although many disputes pose a threat to your company, they can also offer opportunities. Examining what went wrong opens the door for solutions, to guarantee that mistakes are not repeated. Solutions that still keep track of what the dispute is all about, but ensure that the dispute remains subordinate to the business or commercial aspects of both parties. That’s where MenD comes in.

Comprehensible and accessible

Drafting documents, as well as consulting and preparing contracts, usually entails legal jargon. But you can rest assured that wherever possible, MenD avoids using such jargon. In any case, we formulate our documents in a language that you can comprehend. MenD considers this of utmost importance.

Available and focused

As an entrepreneur, you put your trust in your lawyer. Trust goes hand in hand with a lawyer who you can approach directly, a lawyer that can prove that your issue is his issue. You can also make it clear to MenD that you would like to have your requests handled immediately, on the same day. This is also part of the deal: you are updated regularly about the progress. MenD’s attention does not slacken when your issues are not urgent. You will find that MenD regularly informs you about developments that might be important for your company.

A few facts about MenD

MenD’s law firm was established in 1981. From the very beginning, and as one of the first law firms in the Netherlands, MenD focuses exclusively on legal services for the business sector. MenD supports enterprises in the Netherlands and abroad; from SMEs to various very large companies. MenD has a branch in Amersfoort and in Utrecht. Membership and leading roles in international networks of law firms means that MenD can guarantee you excellent support and assistance in cross-border legal issues.