MenD is associated with international networks of independent law firms and make a point of playing a leading role in them. The purpose of this is to be able to provide entrepreneurs with excellent service for cross-border issues, which nowadays are all too common. MenD can enlist the assistance and efforts of very good colleague firms – who operate on the same level and with similar volumes as MenD – for helping you manage your international opportunities.


Alliuris (Alliance of International Business Lawyers) is a network of lawyers’ offices in various countries with branches in Amsterdam, Brussels, Amersfoort, London, Paris, Lyon, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Hanover, Zug, Vienna, Moscow, Minsk, Poznan, Warsaw, Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul, Dubai, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

The members of Alliuris consist of independent medium-sized law firms that specialise in European and International corporate law.

The partnership within Alliuris gives our clients the assurance of receiving qualitative and constructive legal support in any cross-border issues by firms on the same level as MenD.

Alexander Steenaert is Vice-President in the executive board of Alliuris. For information about Alliuris, you can contact him or visit the site of Alliuris.

Eurojuris International

Eurojuris International is a leading network of independent and selected law firms. In Europe Eurojuris has representation in all the states that belong to the European Union. Eurojuris International is also associated with dozens of law firms in Asia, the Middle East, Australia and North and South America. The network of Eurojuris International encompasses approximately 650 law firms with around 5,500 active lawyers. This network offers you the advantage of direct contacts, fast handling of legal advice and knowledge (abroad), expertise and representations for companies, government bodies and individual clients.

International Business Group (IBG)

Eurojuris International has extensive experience in providing services to small and medium-sized enterprises. MenD is a member of the International Business Group of Eurojuris International. To give you an idea of what the IBG can do for you, click on this link to read its latest publication: “How to expand your business in Europe”.

If you have questions about Eurojuris, you can contact Hans Jonkhout or visit the site of or


Jurismus is part of the extensive network of the Eurojuris International law firms. Jurismus is an association of and for young lawyers who work at one of the law firms of Eurojuris International. During the last decade Jurismus has been organising numerous meetings and lectures for these young lawyers.

If you have questions about Jurismus International, you can contact Hans Jonkhout or visit the site: