Insurance and Liability

MenD assists many insurers, but likewise it supports companies that are embroiled in insurance issues.


MenD is highly skilled in setting up or assessing policy conditions for insurers. This also applies to interpreting these policies: Is a claim covered by the insurance agreement or not?


MenD examines exaggerated claims made to an insurer and a company and reduces it to a realistic proportion. Take for example damage claims that emerge from occupational disability, road traffic injuries and directors’ and officers’ liability, up to claims for lost luggage or damaged cargo. MenD examines whether these claims are at all justified. Is there indeed a question of liability?  If there is, then MenD tackles the problem of whether the claimed sum is correct.


Sometimes an insurance claim does not result in a payment because the damage is not covered, or because the insured party had withheld certain information when concluding the policy. MenD is also frequently engaged in disputes about occupational disability and life insurance. Is the person sick within the terms of the policy? MenD knows the answers related to the right of privacy and the protection of personal data, which often play a role in these issues. Litigation is not always necessary, but MenD has plenty of in-house experience with this. Negotiations and/or mediation with the victims often lead to  solutions which are to everyone’s satisfaction.

Insurance fraud

An amount for damage is often exaggerated when someone submits a claim. MenD provides advice about controlling insurance fraud.


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Insurance and Liability